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Component Parts

 (3) Year warranty on all fire pit bases.

 (3) Year warranty on Wood Stave and Vintage Table Tops.

(5) Year warranty on Stainless Steel Burner Systems (Match Light)

(2) Year warranty on Stainless Steel Electronic Burner Systems, Components, Gas Valve, Pilot and Igniter Assembly under normal use and proper maintenance.

(1) Year warranty on River Rock Media under normal use and proper maintenance per manufacturer. 

Regular maintenance must be exercised as set forth in the owner’s manual.


 Table Base and Top

All Vin de Flame Vintage and Wood Stave table tops are treated with three coats of Man O’ War Marine Grade Spar Varnish, making them highly resistant to the elements. (See image below)

Proper maintenance includes:

Covering unit in extreme weather conditions with the provided weather cover.

Do not cover your Vin de Flame Fire Pit while wet; make sure your fire pit is completely dry before covering.

Occasional rust seepage from crevices and hidden unfinished surfaces is inherent in some barrel hooping designs and is considered a care and maintenance function. This is not considered a finish failure.

Due to the nature of this natural material, a sealed surface is recommended. Possibility of wine stain may occur with moisture. May leave marks on unsealed surfaces.  

The uniqueness of the natural materials rests in that no two pieces are ever alike. Minor crazing or a hairline marks may occur but will not affect the structural integrity of the top. Slate and Granite Tops should be sealed annually

Store or cover your natural stone top when not in use.

To keep wood base and table top nourished and looking vibrant, we recommend using Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative. You can purchase this online or at your local Lowes or ACE Hardware Store. (See image below)

Scotts liquid goldMarine Grade Spar Varnish










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