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[sh_headerdouble size=”h4″]Credence Includes Several Useful Widgets[/sh_headerdouble]


Our current list of premium widgets are listed below, all to make your life easier.  Of course you have all of the built in ones available as well.

[sh_checklist icon=” fa fa-check” type=”unordered” background=”enable”] [sh_checklist_item]Like Ranking Widget – Included with our own custom like system.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Flickr Widget – Along with several customization capabilities.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Login Widget – An excellent theme styled login form you can put in any widget area.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Portfolio Widget – Choose multiple categories and number of items to display.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Twitter Widget – Display your latest tweets and look good.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Ad Widget – Display your custom ads, rotate them, customize sizes.[/sh_checklist_item] [sh_checklist_item]Tabbed Widget – Display popular posts, latest posts, comments, tags with lots of options.[/sh_checklist_item] [/sh_checklist] [sh_divider style=”none” shwidth=”wide” spacetop=”20px” spacebottom=”400px” totop=”disable”]